Memory Blood QA Imminent

Over the next few days I’ll be editing Memory Blood and then sending it off for Quality Assurance testing with a friend of mine. With previous books, I often had a QA period of about 2 weeks that ended three days or so before launch. There was an awful lot of pressure with a tight schedule like that so this time the QA period will last for the entirety of June and, based upon the type of feedback received, the release date will be decided and announced soon after.

Currently I have a target for the release date that I’m confident will be hit, but if QA reveals a significant amount of work needs to be done then the book’s release will be delayed a few weeks but still be released this summer. And now that I’m on the topic of release dates, I apologize for cancelling the remaining character reveals. Originally, there were going to be eight stories in the first book but developing eight unique environments proved to be more challenging than anticipated and so four stories will be included in the first book. However, the amount of content will not change! The only thing changing is the number of stories and the amount of content in the book will be roughly the same as it was originally planned to be at a minimum of 50,000 words.

As the QA process begins, I’ll not only be reviewing the first book but planning the second as well so that it can be released before the year’s end as I originally planned. Unfortunately, it looks like The Orin Chronicles and The Academy Series may not continue this year so I’m glad I set those as bonus goals which shows that I was thinking realistically at the beginning of this year.