Writing Update: End of March 2014 Edition

It seems I didn’t finish Story #3 for Memory Blood, but I did start it and now the first book’s writing is about 26% complete which is a good place to be going into April and anticipating a summer release. The direction the story is taking is exciting for me as I’m following my plans for the character arcs while rapidly spinning the world of each story and moving the characters through it to reach the various goals I’ve come up with.

I’m very happy with this method of writing and it’s definitely thanks to my experiences with all my previous series that I’m able to enjoy writing something in my style while discovering a completely new method of going about the book creation process. Unfortunately, The Orin Chronicles and The Academy Series are being developed more slowly because of my focus on Memory Blood, but every piece of my being knows that I am making the right choice here.

I have actually written a tiny bit more of Orin Vol. 8 and I still expect to get three volumes out by the time this year ends. The issues that prevent me from writing will soon be vanishing as I move forward in my personal life and so I’ll be able to continue to be more productive and able to grow as an author in the coming month.

Next week the character reveals for Memory Blood will begin which will give me the chance to introduce the two major protagonists for this first book. It’s strange to be just revealing them after thinking about them for about a year and writing for them for two months now, but that’s also the best part about it. Now that I know these characters, I can introduce them properly.