Memory Blood World Information Reveal!

The official page has now been updated with links to the new Story and World sections! The concepts I’ve known for so long have now finally been revealed to everyone and I hope this will be sufficient for beginning to understand what Memory Blood is about. I’ve done my best to reflect the tone of the series as accurately as possible which was much easier to do now that I’ve finished writing the first story of the eight planned to be included in the first book.

Something you’ll notice on the updated page as well is that character reveals will start this April. For a couple of months, new characters will be revealed each week with some descriptions that will help you learn a little bit more about the upcoming stories for the first book. By the time the reveals start I’ll hopefully be close to halfway done with the writing so I should know the characters well enough to reveal them properly.

Since writing, none of the major concepts have changed but there have been some slight adjustments in the way I decided to write the characters so please allow me some time so that I can make sure I’m providing accurate information. Because the first book is being written, things are still subject to change but I don’t think any of the information revealed today is going to change at all because it’s been in place since last year. To change it now would be to remove the basic premises of the series and if I plan on doing that then there’s no real point in doing any writing to begin with 😀