Memory Blood Speculation: Episode 2

Just over 20 days until the world information for the series is revealed so there’s plenty of time left for speculation.

Last week, I talked about the series having a certain intensity to it. Intensity is a rather vague term and it could apply to a lot of different things. The images in the logo probably won’t tell us very much about that, but there’s probably some information to be gleaned by looking at them.

There’s a tree, a hexagonal pattern in the sphere, and roots with shining lights at the end of them. Surely this is an iconic image from the series and something that will be understood by the end of the first book, perhaps in the finale… or perhaps early on. The first half of the story of book one has already been decided so I already know the answer to this.

Anyways, it looks as if the tree is contained within that sphere. Maybe that’s the reason why there are strange sparkling lights in the roots. Whatever the reason, it’s surely not just any ordinary tree. I’m sure it doesn’t take much to figure that out, so perhaps I’m not offering any useful information. Then again, if you can reason this far all you have to do is connect the elements present in the logo in order to… well, maybe it’s not that easy after all… once again, who could possibly know the answers to these queries? ^_~

Regardless of all that, I’m sure this is a topic that can be speculated about even after the 28th. While the logo does a good job of representing the series, it might be the case that “the reason why that is” won’t be understood until the first book has been read. So, as a bonus hint, I’ll say there are certainly many of those shining lights attached to the trees roots. There are many that can’t be seen in the logo either because they’re not bright enough or they’re not attached to the roots at all. The key concept here is probably ‘many’.