Memory Blood Speculation: Episode 1

Currently, the information about the world of this series is set to be revealed on February 28th.

But, before it’s officially revealed, maybe it’s possible to guess some things about the series beforehand…

While the logo revealed is colored a dark red and ‘Blood’ is in the title, it’s likely the series won’t be graphic and gruesome, I think. The deep red probably relates to the intensity of the series more than anything and the word ‘Blood’ could mean anything just like the word ‘Memory’ could mean anything. That will probably be a mystery hinted at quite early on, so I won’t say anymore for now.

If intensity is a quality of the series, however, maybe there’s more that can be deduced. After giving out such generous hints, however, I think I’ll probably wait until next week to say anymore about it. If you’d like, try to figure out as much about the series as you can by the 28th and then check to see how much you were able to figure out.