Writing Update: January 2014 W4 Edition

The final progress report of this kind for January has arrived. By now everyone should know what’s coming next week, but if you don’t please read on!

The Orin Chronicles

Krakken (Volume 8): Writing – 57% complete
Volumes 9-10: Concept Phase
Volumes 11-13: Not in active development

Notes: I’ve had a lot of work to do this week so I wasn’t able to write very much. For the remainder of January I have a ton of work to do so the progress may not change too much for next week either, but I’m glad I was able to make decent progress this week and I should be able to do the same next week as well.

The Academy Series

Second Volume: Not in active development, writing 35% complete

Notes: —

2014 Series

Logo: Completed!
Book One: Concept Phase. Writing – 1.5% complete

Notes: With the logo complete, the big reveal of the title of the series is on schedule for next Friday, January 31st. Thanks to the way the logo was created I have a few options of how I can present it and I’m still considering my options as of right now. In concept-forming news, I’m on schedule with my goals for this month and I might be able to talk a little bit about that next week once the series is properly revealed. Then again, not much is going to be said so there are even more reveals planned for next month and beyond. However, I hope what I present one week from today will be sufficient enough for an initial reveal!