Writing Update: January 2014 W3 Edition

For this week, I’ll be following the same format for last week. If you’re a fan of the more detailed Writing Updates there will be plenty of those in the future, but if I wrote one of those every week I’d have to start giving away all the details about what I’m writing and that wouldn’t be any fun at all.

The Orin Chronicles

Krakken (Volume 8): Writing – 47% complete
Volumes 9-10: Concept Phase
Volumes 11-13: Not in active development

Notes: —

The Academy Series

Second Volume: Not in active development, writing 35% complete

Notes: No news on this front just yet.

2014 Series

Logo: Rough sketch approved. Final product in development.
Book One: Concept Phase. Writing – 1.5% complete

Notes: With a decision I made this week, I’d probably say that the structure of the series has now been fully decided. Writing hasn’t really begun just yet so the percentage might not change very much over the coming weeks, but we’re getting closer to the big reveal which is now 2 weeks away!