2014 Goals

  • Release the first two books of my next series – It’s no surprise I’ve been developing one for a while now and I fully intend to get the first two books in this series delivered before the end of 2014. I’m scheduled for no more and no less than 2 books because I’ve thought for many months in 2013 about the way I schedule and I’m certain that releasing two books at the times I’m releasing them will result in the best products I could possibly release. The goal for these books is also to be longer than the 42,000 words of each Library Series book and to be largely character-driven. For the sake of continuity, I’ll state once again how immensely excited I am about this upcoming series.
  • More Friday updates – There’s no better reward for reaching the end of a week than providing/receiving new information about something you’re excited about and so I’ve been scheduling as many weekly updates as possible regarding new series content. Of course I’m also hugely anti-spoiler so it’s been a tough balancing act between ‘releasing as much as I can’ and ‘not giving away too much’. I think I’m on the right track to finding a good balance and I’ll continue to adjust my current plan to give the reader the best experience possible.
  • More marketing and networking – I’m not the biggest fan of having to sell myself and my works, but no one benefits from me not putting myself out there. In order to reach readers I have to build a platform and display my value to readers and other authors so that we can help one another. In an ideal world I would already have all the fans I need and just market the way I want to, but as of now such methods will get me zero new readers. Like I said, that’s neither fair to you or I so I will take more responsibility when it comes to this in 2014. This goal also includes spending more of my own money so trust me when I say I’ll be thinking very carefully about the different things I may or may not do for 2014 because money only works when you throw it at the right things.

The major thing I need to say following what I’ve written above is: don’t worry that The Orin Chronicles and The Academy: Second Volume don’t feature on this list of goals. I intend to do more with them in 2014, but right now those plans are in flux. These goals above are things I’ve been thinking about and planning for all of 2013 while The Orin Chronicles and The Academy Series were born in my more spontaneous days and so I’m trying to course correct and get those back on track. The problem with that is that I can’t promise anything because I don’t yet know what I’ll be doing with them. Then again, I also want to assure everyone that something will be done with both these series in 2014 so I officially present my bonus goals for 2014.

Bonus Goals

*Release 3 more volumes of The Orin Chronicles

*Release The Academy: Second Volume