Writing Update: Approaching the End of the Year Edition

Only 10 days until the end of the year and I’ve still only written 25% of The Academy: Second Volume. I intend to have a release by the end of the year, but I think at this point I might do a staggered release with the first few stories debuting before the end of the year and the remaining ones being released each Friday during January until the entire thing is completed.

Naturally  this is hardly where I wanted to be, but I’m still writing so I’m happy with that. The last 1/3 of 2013 has been the start of a new journey for me and so I suppose a drop in productivity was unavoidable. How I miss the days of early 2013 when I was releasing volume after volume of The Orin Chronicles and writing the ending to The Library Series.

2014 is going to be an even better year though. I haven’t outright announced it, but for a while The Orin Chronicles page has had a note that the series will resume in 2014. Right now I think that it will be possible to release 3 volumes sometime next year while also debuting my new series which is still planned to be revealed on January 31st. Right now I think they’ll be released monthly in a row, but what those three months will be is something I haven’t decided on. And it probably doesn’t take much guessing from there to assume I’m also planning to release the final 3 volumes in 2015. Ideally I’d like to finish the series as soon as possible and not keep people waiting but then again I’m not sure anyone’s waiting at the moment.

In about a week I’ll post my full 2013 retrospective and then outline my goals for 2014 which will be structured a little differently than they were for 2013 and 2012. I’m very excited for these posts so please look forward to them.