Writing Update: Format Change Edition

While I’ve been able to somewhat easily return to writing The Academy series, there’s been one thing that I hadn’t been able to resolve until today. That is the idea of independent stories featuring in The Academy: Second Volume. For a long time it seemed as if including these stories that had little to do with the overarching plot was a waste of time. The problem I was having until today was that I saw this as a problem for Second Volume and not First Volume.

“If it worked in First Volume, then why does it seem like a problem now?”

The answer is obvious: because this is not First Volume. I always set out to do something new with the second installment in the series and I’ve always wanted to make sure that it is its own entity as I do with all my works, but I foolishly forgot to extend this idea into the format of Second Volume.

While the entirety of the format is not changing, there are certain stories that won’t work in this volume and so I’ve deleted them. As a result, Second Volume’s structure has benefited greatly and it utilizes a “new” format that I find to be very exciting and conveys my vision for this volume perfectly. To continue being mysterious, readers will find that the structure of The Academy Series has not changed; only the format between volumes has changed.

If you can figure it out now, I applaud you. If not, then please look forward to figuring out just what I mean at the end of the year when Second Volume is released.