Rose Guns Days S2 Review

Note: This is a review of the Season 2 product which contains Season 1 as well.

With the release of Season 2, Ryuukishi07’s Rose Guns Days series is now half complete. The game is divided into seasons by release date and not by the in-game years (also called seasons) which has caused confusion for some, but is more straightforward than it sounds. When you click Start and select Season 1, you’ll play through the first five chapters of the year 1947 in an alternate history post-war Japan. The newest content contained in Season 2 contains the final two chapters of 1947 and the first three chapters of 1948. Personally, I believe the way the story is divided up is brilliant and each set of chapters ends in an exciting/meaningful place that makes you eager to get started with the next season.

Ryuukishi does a fantastic job at incorporating real world events into this alternate history as well as incorporating new fictional events that paint a beautifully realistic world of a devastated Japan taken over by the Americans and the Chinese. The battle minigames are a lot of fun and the cast of characters and their journeys as time progresses are incredibly rewarding even with the series only being half completed thus far. If you enjoyed the Season 1 battle scenes then you’ll love Season 2 which contains more large-scale battles that remain optional for those who aren’t a fan of them.

Season 2 adds less than 10 new BGM, but the utilization of new tracks is done brilliantly and certainly doesn’t leave you wishing there were more.  Included in this release is also a handy new Score menu that records your final scores from the battle minigames in Season 1 and Season 2.

Score: Great

*Scoring: Flawless > Great > Good > Okay > Bad