Writing Update: Slow Phase Edition

I’ve had a lot of work to do this month so progress on The Academy: Second Volume has been very slow. Right now it’s about 25% written and the remaining 75% should be completed during November giving me plenty of time to edit in December and add as much fun extra content as I can. Most of the stories related to the major story arc have already been decided, but there’s plenty of room to tell stories I haven’t even thought of yet so that’s very exciting.

In visual novel news, I’ve completed Rose Guns Days Season 2. I anticipate I will write a review of that within a week or two. In the meanwhile, I’ve been looking to get back to Shikkoku no Sharnoth which has been sitting at 7% completed for at least 1/3 of a year now. Strangely enough, that first 7% is still very fresh in my mind so I’ll be able to pick up where I left off without having to do any re-reading. In fact, I might continue reading it once I hit ‘publish’ for this post…