On September 20th, Recreations debuts!

The Library Series: Recreations will be released in two days! As promised, this supplemental work will be available before the summer ends on the 21st and weighs in around 8,000 words. Inside you’ll find development tidbits, fun stories, and perhaps even some surprising content. This is a work for fans of The Library Series and is a celebration of the series rather than an extension. As long as you understand that, you should be able to enjoy Recreations fully.

With this project wrapping up, now is the time to focus fully on The Academy: Second Volume which will release at the very end of the year. Expect updates as the writing process continues and be on the lookout for information about certain things debuting in 2014. Even though there’s still a quarter of 2013 left, I’m already looking far ahead. Beyond 2014, just how many years into the future have I planned?

That’s a secret for now.