Blogging and Writing

Yes, for the first time in a long time I’m posting something that isn’t a Writing Update. When I opened the page to start writing I had intended to do a Writing Update, but then I froze. Suddenly, all of my cool and wild ideas seemed like things I shouldn’t be publishing and letting other people see. While I can build confidence in my works, my ideas are things without form and openly discussing them is something I appear to not be comfortable with. I certainly love discussing my ideas, but every time I have done so on this blog those ideas have already been expressed in what I’m writing. The ideas I was going to talk about today have yet to be implemented, if they even get implemented, into anything I’m working on.

So there won’t be thoughts on Recreations and The Academy: Second Volume today, but there will be this post on blogging. One of the things I missed when I went into Orin Chronicles mode and tried to create content at a frightening pace was being able to blog. When I had no schedule and just got inspired as I did and wrote when I did it was lots of fun to talk about things that I had just written or was about to write and express my ideas as a sort of inspiration to myself. Then, once even I didn’t know what I would be writing each month, it became sort of impossible to have blog posts.

While I feel like I’ve been dwelling on The Orin Chronicles a lot and not giving myself enough credit for the volumes I have created, it is true that my schedule for that really wasn’t very kind. That’s why I’m glad I stopped when I did. I could’ve finished Volume 8 and released it, but it would have been very unhealthy compared to writing previous volumes. I’m proud of those and think they are great things that arose from a not so great schedule and they are, without a doubt, works I appreciate having written. I say this because The Orin Chronicles is an important topic for me and something I can talk about easily because it exists. It may not be complete, but 7/13 of it exists and it exists in a story of the month format which makes it seven independent stories (sort of).

Anyways, the creative restrictions I placed upon myself caused me to be able to blog less because every time I had a good idea I had to use it immediately because I was scrambling to write so quickly. Now I get to slow down and enjoy my ideas a bit more without the pressure of having them be due. It’s amazing how much more freedom you have by simply adding a few extra weeks to your schedule and let the word count drop. I’m interested in producing quality works in a reasonable period of time and so when The Orin Chronicles resumes it likely will not be a monthly series although I’ll probably stick to 16,000 words because that’s a more important precedent that I’ve set.

This post really wasn’t supposed to be so Orin Chronicles focused but, like I said, it’s an important topic for me and it makes me excited to talk about. Mainly because it’s a project wildly different from The Library Series and The Academy Series. Literally everything I’m planning in the future is more like those series in terms of scheduling and I don’t know that I’ll ever attempt a schedule as rigorous as that of The Orin Chronicles. So what I’ve done is an accomplishment even though I failed the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

Moving past that, I’d like to talk vaguely about my future series. One of the things I believe in as a writer is doing new things. While my writing schedule probably won’t change much seeing as it fits my needs and goals so well, my stories will always be new things. For example, I have no intention of writing The Library Series again. I wrote and accomplished what I wanted with that series so there will never be another series like it written by myself. This applies to The Orin Chronicles and The Academy Series as well once they are finished. It also applies to my series debuting next year and every series after that.

I’m excited to have shared these thoughts on my blog today because they are an affirmation of my writing philosophy that I feel I’ve developed well. For a while now I have felt that I understand who I am as a writer which is important for both the reader and myself. Everything I’ve done since writing The Library Series has been representative of that writing philosophy and I’m glad.

I wonder if you understand it though? I would be happy if you did. And if you don’t, then I’m sure you can understand one day if you are a fan of any of my works, a few of them, or all of them. Maybe you only care about my works and I mean nothing though… that’s okay as well. Just forget me and enjoy what I’ve created. I’ll be just fine with that 😀