Orin Chronicles Update 2

As the release date for Vol. 7 of The Orin Chronicles has now passed, it has become obvious that this volume has been delayed once more. Currently, I am anticipating a release by the 25th of the month and this will have an impact on future volumes as well. From here on out, volumes will be released towards the end of the month when they are ready. The days of the “adventure of the week” format have not come to an end, but each successive volume now incorporates more and more of the mythology which means I have a lot of decisions to make.

As an apology for this second delay, let me give some brief hints as to what is coming beginning with Volume 7: Anniversary.

Vol. 7 – This volume not only sets the tone for the remainder of the story, but it features a new recurring villain as well.

Vol. 8 – History that has been hinted at and briefly discussed for 7 volumes now will finally be revealed.

Vol. 9 – Putting more ‘Orin’ in The Orin Chronicles than ever before.

Vol. 10 – A spiritual sequel to a previous volume.

Vol. 11 – Time magic.

What occurs in Volumes 12 and 13 I’m not ready to talk about just yet, but I think it’s easy to guess the broad plot direction for at least one of them. I know these tidbits don’t make up for the delay in the release, but I hope it makes you excited for the future of the series and allows you to understand why it’s critical that I take my time with things from here on out.