What is The Library Series: Recreations?

Very early this morning I updated the Library Series and sent out a tweet about the promised additional Library Series project. The series has concluded, so this is a celebration of the series rather than a fifth installment. Currently planned for late Summer 2013, Recreations will be a small work for Library Series fans available for free. Some additional stories will be included involving the world of The Library Series, but not heavily involving its characters. The reason for this is that The Collapsing of Infinity focused on the characters and resolving their stories and having additional information would take away from the Book Four experience. This doesn’t mean that I recommend reading Recreations at any point in the series, it’s certainly to be read after everything’s concluded, but it does mean that there is a definitive boundary between The Library Series proper and this bonus work.

Additional information will come when I’m closer to releasing the project, but I wanted to remind everyone that I intended to make up for the lack of Reconstructions at the end of Books Three and Four. The tone of those books and how they ended made including additional stories seem inappropriate and so this is where they will be found. I look forward to crafting this project as I work on The Orin Chronicles and before summer is over (remember that summer ends in September) fans of The Library Series will get something special. That’s my goal.