Writing Update: Library Series End + Everything Edition

Today marks the launch of “The Collapsing of Infinity”, the fourth and final book in the Library Series. Information about the history of the series can be found throughout this blog and I expressed my emotions within the Author’s Note at the end of the book so I want to discuss a different topic here: what I’ve learned from the Library Series. To begin with, I learned a lot of practical things like how to publish on Kindle and use KDP Select as well as the format required for using Word or OpenOffice. In terms of writing the book, I learned a lot about planning. Once I finished “The Library Complex” I had a lot of ideas for the remaining books and outlined those ideas so I’d know where I was heading. For “The Weapon of The Kara” I didn’t want to reveal the answers to the big mysteries so it was easy to come up with an adventure that expanded upon what I had done in the first book, but for “The Cult of Eternal Darkness” I needed to tie all of the answers into a narrative that would make sense. I left the seeds for this plot at the end of Book Two and thanks to that I limited the infinite possibilities I had and was able to create something I genuinely pleased with. In that sense, it was probably the most difficult writing Book Three, however there’s also the challenge of the last book.

(This post will be a long one so please click through to the rest!)

What do people expect and what do I expect? I won’t spoil the content of the book, but I did have this in mind. The plot follows the format of the previous three books so there’s no room for complaint there, but what that plot is remains important. I wanted to meet the expectations of people that are fans of the Library Series. Since I don’t know many, I  didn’t add as much as them so much as I added for myself. Ideas that I’ve had since Book One were presented as well as moments with characters that I grew to care about over the series (in addition to the characters central to this final plot). I still have a lot of ideas about finales and what makes them work and what obligations both author and reader have about them… but this is my first one! I wrote the most fitting finale that I could for The Library Series and I’m happy with it. Of course, like with writing about every other book initially, my mind is now saying “is that really true?”. The answer is that of course it is. In the editing process I’m as critical as I can be and it always takes me a few days to get out of that. That’s why I focus on the feelings I had while writing. And I know I’m very happy with what I’ve written and how I ended things in addition to creating a brand new plot.

So where do I go from here? The Orin Chronicles is the monthly series that gives me massive amounts of doubt from how quickly it is published, but I will continue to press on and do my best with it. I recently started reading Vol. 2 from back in December 2012 and I didn’t run away in fear so I’m confident I’ve managed to maintain a good level of quality despite the rapid production cycle. Some volumes are probably stronger than others, but I think that it works and for 99 cents per volume it’s a rather good deal. Of course it’s not a 99 cent book designed to gain lots of sales; it’s literally worth 99 cents due to length at 16,000 words or 1 hour of reading give or take. Seven volumes remain now and I’ll do my best to make sure that the quality never stops improving.

If you view my goals you’ll also see there’s an untitled project and The Academy: Second Volume. I haven’t even started thinking about these really (except for knowing what they are if you asked me to describe them in one sentence) and that’s fine because there’s plenty of time to do so now that my schedule is cleared up. I’ve been working rather rapidly from January (when you consider writing is not my full-time job) with writing Orin Chronicles from the 1st to the 15th of every month and the Library Series from the 15th to the 31st. That’s all over now and there’s time for these new projects.

And once this is all over and 2014 arrives, I’ll be working on a new series. I really want to give this one room to breathe so that I can be more ambitious. Library Series books ranged from 39,000 to 48,000 words (including extra content) and I want to try something longer and different this time around. Perhaps it could be called a fusion of the writing techniques required of The Library Series and The Orin Chronicles in order to produce a 60,000+ word work (my very first). There won’t be any mention of the name of this series or any details about it until 2014, but it is something I’m constantly thinking about in this year of unprecedented planning (I’ve never spent a year letting ideas simmer before actually writing).

So that’s how I plan to push myself and grow as a writer. By increasing the expectations of the reader and changing my production schedule into something new and better. I always aim to deliver quality content and I will continue to do so no matter what I’m writing, so I ask that you give these upcoming products a try. And I’d also like to thank the person who purchased “The Library Complex” today (whoever you are). Sales mean a lot to me, they really do, and I’d send out personal thank-you notes if I could. If you want one feel free to e-mail me by using the ‘Contact’ page of this site.

That brings this post to a close. I hope people will now be able to discover and enjoy the full Library Series and if you’re a fan please keep a look out for an announcement about some supplementary content coming soon!