Writing Update: Inspiration Edition

There are only 3 days left to complete the rough draft for the fourth book and final book in the Library Series. Then, there are two more volumes of The Orin Chronicles to release before my very first series comes to a conclusion. This is an exciting time, but there’s also no time to be excited!

Currently, I have 15,000 words of the rough draft for Book Four written. However, every book in the Library Series thus far has had 42,000 words for the main story so it may seem like I’m behind in the writing. However, I was in the same situation for Book Three and Books One and Two were the exception. My definition of rough draft, which my deadline to complete is the end of March, is something that starts and ends. The editing phase is where the final words get written and it’s also possible that areas previously left blank will get filled in.

The truth is, the only reason the rough drafts for Book One and Book Two were very close to the final word count was because I had an immense amount of time back then. The pace of my writing, as well as my daily work, has increased and so I’m no longer sitting on a complete draft for months waiting to release it. Every now and again I’ll wish I had more time, but back then I was cursing the amount of time I had. Truthfully, this writing schedule is just right for me and allows me to produce quality work more quickly than I would have previously. And that’s something that definitely makes me happy.

One of the things I’ll be trying next year (it’s still too early to talk about 2014, Reyskaw…) is an even better writing schedule. In my experience, scheduling my writing didn’t work out for the first two years of my writing. That’s when I adopted a more general schedule that said “write this month”, “edit here”, and then “release” which has worked out very, very well. So now it’s time to take the next step, using the discipline I’ve gained, and push myself even further!

Oh, that’s right… that next step is in 2014 so right now I should focus on the end of the Library Series and the rest of The Orin Chronicles…

It’s important not to get ahead of oneself! That’s an important lesson, but the more important one is this: don’t confuse pushing yourself with meeting your ideal. If you want to reach something you have to work for it, but you can’t train for a marathon by just going out and running one. Like I’ve done with everything in my writing, I started out small and achieved something and then I pushed myself further and further. I’m not yet at my ideal state, but I’m much happier than I ever have been and I want to continue improving myself using this method.

Let’s all better ourselves! (th-that’s too much energy, Reyskaw…)