Sekien no Inganock ~what a beautiful people~ Review

Note: While this review does not contain 18+ content, Sekien no Inganock itself does. 

This Liar-soft title released in 2007 is the second game in the WAB series (~What A Beautiful people~) as opposed to being stand-alone like Forest. A mysterious plot combined with an interesting gameplay mechanic make the story incredibly engaging. It is also a good entry point into the WAB series, not only because it’s the first in the series to be translated into English, but also because there’s only one game in the series released before it so references to other works in the series are not as high as in later entries.

The story takes place in a Steampunk setting, although you certainly don’t have to be a fan of Steampunk to enjoy the story. The only real requirement for liking this work as much as I did is being engaged in the story. The plot and mechanic should be enough, but if you want a passive novel you’ll end up not understanding much when all is said and done. If you’ve read my other VN reviews or most of my Writing Updates, it should come as no surprise that this type of story is the kind I like the most. You have to be an active reader if you want to truly enjoy the story.

The characters and ‘episodic stories’ are very interesting even without the ongoing mystery, so you should be able to enjoy that as well. Because of the way this story invites the reader in and rewards the reader for investing their time and energy, there is only one score that I can give it.

Score: Flawless

*Scoring: Flawless > Great > Good > Okay > Bad