Isolated Observatory (Fragment Alpha-6)

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“We will be the ones to bring about the end of this world. I am sure of that,” said a Codeyan elder. He sat down on the lovely green grass and looked up at the small temple that had been constructed far from the city. The sky was a perfect blue and he didn’t want to admit that one day it would be stained red by blood.

“Why would we do something like that? I can understand Codeyans destroying Codeyans due to hubris or greed, but putting everyone everywhere in danger…”

“A traitor will appear. That is what I saw in the vision. A traitor of our most beloved god who will turn us against him and kill him.”

“Gods cannot be killed. Wasn’t that the conclusion we once reached?”

“True gods cannot be killed because they can’t even manifest in this world. What we worship as a god should be called something else because I have seen his death.”

“If it will happen then it matters not whether I understand. Tell me the implications of this action.”

“Codeya will be forever changed. This beautiful summer day will never come again and our race will be almost entirely decimated. What happens that is the rain of fire and life across the galaxy. I cannot see beyond that without help.”

“So that is why you have called me here today.”

“Let us go into the temple and peer farther into the future. Attempting to change fate is useless, but if none should survive then I will try. I want to at least confirm there will be life in the future even if it is not the life familiar to our species.”

The two Elders walked into the isolated temple and could feel a powerful presence. Generations upon generations of Elders had come to this sacred place and their spirits were said to linger. With that much power, the temple had become known as an Observatory. Yes, from here even the deepest reaches of the farthest futures could be seen.

And so the two Elders saw what would happen. The man with an unfortunate fate who would rise to protect the flames of life. The beautiful woman in white, traveler of both worlds, who would care for a soul without a body. The far future where their world was unrecognizable; a future no living being of their world could ever reach. The Elders were surprised they were able to see so far. They had confirmed the existence of life, but the vision did not end.

Darkness erupted in that time. Life was once again threatened. Always struggling, the intelligent races of all worlds would always face hardship. Many died and not many succeeded, but life itself never ended. Even when life turned against its creator, it managed to survive.

The two Elders continued to watch and their eyes were soon assaulted by pain. The future is the future always; there is no change. And yet, seven times, the world ruptured before them with seven different outcomes. That’s… not possible.

Not possible. Not possible. Not possible. Not possible. Not possible.

Their minds could not comprehend a vision where multiple truths formed a single truth. Many cannot be one. One cannot be many. From one angle each split folded to the next and from another each split built the foundation for the next. There was one future that relied upon seven.

Blood poured from the sides of their mouths as their bodies succumbed to a reality not meant for mortals. There’s a sacred rule that mortals are not to violate. Had they continued to look there would have been consequences worth than their own death. So, if they had known, they would have been glad their bodies had expired before they could violate that rule.