Rewrite Review

Rewrite is a long VN. I didn’t keep track of how long I played for, but I imagine it’s somewhere close to 60 hours. It’s possible to finish the game without 100% completion, but it only takes a few hours after finishing the story to do so, so that isn’t responsible for the length. The length is determined by the sheer wealth and variety of content offered within.

Rewrite contains a large main scenario spanning a period of over one month that branches into five different heroine routes and a conclusion to the story after all the routes have been cleared. Three of the five routes are available right away with the other two requiring having cleared specific heroines beforehand. I think this is effective in keeping the routes with a lot of revealing information away from the more introductory ones, but it isn’t 100% effective. It’s still possible to read the routes in an order that will minimize surprises, but that’s not really a detriment. The order I played them in was Kotori -> Shizuru -> Chihaya -> Lucia -> Akane. Most people would recommend doing Kotori first and Akane last so that’s what I did and I agree to some extent, but I don’t think your experience will change too much if you play them in whatever order you’d like (although you should really consider doing Kotori first).

The thing about the heroine routes is that there are going to be some that you don’t fully enjoy. Because of the length or the specific heroine or the plot of that route, you may find yourself getting tired a lot during the game. Each route is a full story in and of itself and so Rewrite is like reading 6-7 novels which is why it’s over 50 hours long, possibly 60. My biggest suggestion here is to take your time because you don’t want to skip routes just to get to the end.

Throughout the story you’ll also collect friends, learn about monsters, and complete quests. Doing all of this is the requirement for 100% completion and a small reward for doing so. Information about the characters and monsters will automatically be updated throughout the story and all of the vital ones are obtained automatically as you progress through the story. Getting quests and friends to 100% completion requires exploring the interactive Mappie segments throughout the game.

Of course, with five heroine routes, there are choices in this game. I very much like the way that they were done in that they’re usually very simple and don’t add unnecessary bad ends that break the flow of the story.

Now, on to discussing the story itself. Whether the presentation is effective or not, you’ll definitely enjoy many hours of Rewrite and possibly the vast majority of them. While thinking about this review I debated between going with a ‘Good’ or with a ‘Great’. Ultimately, the reason I decided Rewrite is a Great is because I think it’s definitely worth playing. The game is unique, logical, surprising, exciting, and incredibly funny at many points. In the end I was very satisfied and felt that it was worth investing my time in even for the parts I didn’t enjoy so much. Whether this is a Good or a Great VN is debatable, but I could never bring myself to call it anything other than Great and so that’s what I did.

Score: Great

*Scoring: Flawless > Great > Good > Okay > Bad