Forest Review

Note: While this review does not contain 18+ content, Forest itself does. 

This is quite the adventure and one of those stories that you have to work to understand. While a good deal of the mysteries are dealt with practically directly, if you’re not paying attention you won’t understand what’s going on. Even if you are paying attention the reveals sometimes come very quickly and can be a bit overwhelming. If it wasn’t for having played and understood Umineko no Naku Koro ni before this, I’m not sure that I would have understood Forest.

The story itself is very interesting because it always keeps you guessing. It makes use of many familiar characters in a story that gets stranger and stranger as it goes along. The best part is, it isn’t nonsensical. You might not understand in the end what is happening, but it definitely is possible to understand if you’re trying to. There are several interactive bits that can lead to bad ends so there’s that element of fun as well.

The visuals for Forest are unique and from what I’ve seen of other Liar-soft titles (I haven’t played any) this seems to be their style. To put it bluntly, if you want HD graphics and aren’t a fan of complicated stories you’ll only find entertainment in the well done 18+ scenes. If you are a fan of unique graphics and this kind of story then you’ll experience an adventure you aren’t likely to forget.

Score: Flawless

*Scoring: Flawless > Great > Good > Okay > Bad