Writing Update: Many Projects Edition

Since my last blog post I’ve released a new volume of The Orin Chronicles and I am currently working on getting the third book in the Library Series ready for release. I’m going to start this post by discussing The Orin Chronicles. Due to this project involving my most rapid release schedule ever, I’ve finally started to get nervous about it. It didn’t really bother me for Volumes 1 and 2, both of which I was happy with, but for some reason releasing Volume 3 wasn’t as satisfying because of my worries. Will everything develop in a good direction? Should I be planning more? Questions like these pop into my mind every day. While I always release a work that I am satisfied with, this time around I couldn’t enjoy the release of Volume 3. I’m not without a plan for the series so I’m working on convincing myself to not worry.

On a more positive note, the third book in the Library Series is being prepared for release on the 31st of this month! This book contains many answers to the mysteries of the first two books and is an ending arc of the series (the other being Book 4 which I am very excited about). The writing was a lot of fun although the atmosphere was a bit darker. I decided the direction of the plot a while ago and was happy with that so now I’m working on presentation to make sure the reading experience is pleasant. I’m glad to have reached this point in the series and I very much look forward to the writing of the last book (which is at least 10% complete already).

The Library Series was the first series I’ve ever written and even though two books need to be released (this one and the next) I feel like I’ve done my job well in creating it and it’s something I’m very happy with. My writing has certainly improved since Book One, but even Book One is still enjoyable to me. It’s my goal to create a journey where the reader can be satisfied from beginning to end with the variety and plot of the books. If anything, my one weak point might be character development. There are some key characters in the Library Series who have beautiful stories in my opinion, but I’d rather that more of them did and I think Book Four will provide a solution to this problem.

Other things I’m working on besides my writing are a) Mathematics and b) Visual Novel reading. I’m very happy to be taking two math courses this semester, Intro to Linear Algebra and Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations. The material has been light so far (probably because I’ve had one week of classes) and I’m looking forward to an increase in the pace of learning. I have no objection to self-learning, but my mind is subconsciously forcing me to adjust back to academics after the winter break. “Even though I’m eager to learn, I can’t dive in just yet”.

With Visual Novels (VNs) I’ve continued reading Rewrite and the progress has jumped to 60%. Everything else in my list has remained the same with two exceptions. I’ve decided to bump my Forest progress up to 100% and I’ll be writing a review on that soon because I did in fact finish it a long time ago. I got really excited to do a second read-through and so I decided to wait until then, but that frozen 92% has been depressing me so I got rid of it XD. I’ve also added a new VN to my future purchases list which will be my first foray into the “What a Beautiful” series by liar-soft, creators of Forest. I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while so hopefully I can get to it sooner rather than later. It seems like Dengeki Stryker will just have to wait…

I think this sums up everything well. It’s been a while since I’ve done a longer blog post and I wanted to organize my thoughts here. I originally started the blog because of all the various feelings I had about the writing of the Library Series. I wanted to preserve a record of all these new and exciting experiences I had never had before. Since that time in 2010 (it’s been two full years!) I’ve experienced a lot and not all of it is recorded here, but that’s part of what makes this blog special to me. Fragments of various times in my life, some (not all) of the most beautiful, are here for me to return to.

Because of that, I won’t vow to blog more, but rather to promise I will continue to post blogs as I experience new things as well as familiar things. If it’s important to me and appropriate for this space then I will probably post it here.

Until next time, keep striving to better yourself and the world!