Writing Update: Behind Schedule Edition

Everyone falls behind in their writing schedule every now and then so I’ve decided to write a blog post about this. Over the past two days I haven’t done any writing for Orin Volume 3 which puts me quite a bit behind schedule. With 6 days before it needs to be submitted, I have plenty of time to finish so it isn’t something to worry about.

I think that the biggest mistake people make when their schedule begins to fall apart is to abandon it. Just because you’ve lost a day, or even something as extreme as a week or two, doesn’t mean that your project will fail. I originally wrote the first Library Series book over an entire year even though it’s only 42,000 words. The very act of finishing that book gave me the skills required to write a book of the same length in 1/3 of the time. Writing skills are gained through work and, while it’s good to get things done in a timely manner, all work helps. It doesn’t matter if you’re supposed to have 10,000 words and you only have 5,000. Keep writing and try to get yourself back on track and you’ll benefit greatly.

After 2 years of writing and 158,000 published words I can say that this is what helped me the most. Reading blog posts about diligence and having to write every day were things that demotivated me. I feel this is more practical advice and I hope it can benefit you no matter what you’re working on. And, if you’ve already learned this, congratulations.