Writing Update: Many Projects Edition

Since my last blog post I’ve released a new volume of The Orin Chronicles and I am currently working on getting the third book in the Library Series ready for release. I’m going to start this post by discussing The Orin Chronicles. Due to this project involving my most rapid release schedule ever, I’ve finally started to get nervous about it. It didn’t really bother me for Volumes 1 and 2, both of which I was happy with, but for some reason releasing Volume 3 wasn’t as satisfying because of my worries. Will everything develop in a good direction? Should I be planning more? Questions like these pop into my mind every day. While I always release a work that I am satisfied with, this time around I couldn’t enjoy the release of Volume 3. I’m not without a plan for the series so I’m working on convincing myself to not worry.

On a more positive note, the third book in the Library Series is being prepared for release on the 31st of this month! This book contains many answers to the mysteries of the first two books and is an ending arc of the series (the other being Book 4 which I am very excited about). The writing was a lot of fun although the atmosphere was a bit darker. I decided the direction of the plot a while ago and was happy with that so now I’m working on presentation to make sure the reading experience is pleasant. I’m glad to have reached this point in the series and I very much look forward to the writing of the last book (which is at least 10% complete already).

The Library Series was the first series I’ve ever written and even though two books need to be released (this one and the next) I feel like I’ve done my job well in creating it and it’s something I’m very happy with. My writing has certainly improved since Book One, but even Book One is still enjoyable to me. It’s my goal to create a journey where the reader can be satisfied from beginning to end with the variety and plot of the books. If anything, my one weak point might be character development. There are some key characters in the Library Series who have beautiful stories in my opinion, but I’d rather that more of them did and I think Book Four will provide a solution to this problem.

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Writing Update: Behind Schedule Edition

Everyone falls behind in their writing schedule every now and then so I’ve decided to write a blog post about this. Over the past two days I haven’t done any writing for Orin Volume 3 which puts me quite a bit behind schedule. With 6 days before it needs to be submitted, I have plenty of time to finish so it isn’t something to worry about.

I think that the biggest mistake people make when their schedule begins to fall apart is to abandon it. Just because you’ve lost a day, or even something as extreme as a week or two, doesn’t mean that your project will fail. I originally wrote the first Library Series book over an entire year even though it’s only 42,000 words. The very act of finishing that book gave me the skills required to write a book of the same length in 1/3 of the time. Writing skills are gained through work and, while it’s good to get things done in a timely manner, all work helps. It doesn’t matter if you’re supposed to have 10,000 words and you only have 5,000. Keep writing and try to get yourself back on track and you’ll benefit greatly.

After 2 years of writing and 158,000 published words I can say that this is what helped me the most. Reading blog posts about diligence and having to write every day were things that demotivated me. I feel this is more practical advice and I hope it can benefit you no matter what you’re working on. And, if you’ve already learned this, congratulations.

Writing Update: Building A World Edition

While “The Cult of Eternal Darkness (Library Series: Book Three)” is in the QA phase, I am working on the writing for the third volume in The Orin Chronicles series. I’ve written no more than 35,000 words of the story so far and I’ve already found myself with pages of lore notes. As I write the third volume, I have become increasingly interested in shaping the world and determining where I want this series to go.

The Orin Chronicles was designed with a certain goal in mind and, while I intend to stay true to that goal, a goal is only the beginning. It is from this goal that the characters and the world and the story of the series arises. In order to provide a good experience, there needs to be a certain amount of direction. Even if it’s a new adventure every week (which is a lot of fun) it eventually has to tie together in Volume 13.

At the moment I’m thinking about how that will happen and I’m roughly planning the volumes that occur beforehand. With each new volume that plan is likely change, but it will be evolving rather than changing randomly. Gram and Selena, two of the Knights from Volume 2, are very important characters that I didn’t know at all during the writing of Volume 1. Now that they exist, the events of the story have changed.

So I’ll plan the journey from here to Volume 13 and with each new volume from here to Volume 11 or so, that plan will continue to evolve. I truly don’t know how the series will end, unlike what I did with the Library Series, so I’m a little concerned. Even so, I’m confident that the ending will be satisfying because of the investment I have in the series. Even though it is a fun series where I get to write something new every month, it’s more than just that. It’s something I take very seriously and so I’ll probably spend the rest of today troubling myself over the series as a whole and its long term future which I will now discuss.

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