2012 Goals Review

Back in January of this year I set several goals for myself this year and now is the time to review each one before setting my 2013 goals tomorrow.

*Release a free version of Academy (Volume 1)

Accomplished back in April. The title changed to The Academy: First Volume, but it was released on time and I was very happy with it. I’m going to reread it before the release of the Second Volume so I’m looking forward to see how my writing has improved.

*Commercial release for Library: Book One

Achieved in July and the very first work I’ve published on Kindle. Originally it was also available on Nook, but after days of 0 sales I took it off Nook so that it could be enrolled in KDP Select where it was then distributed to over 100 readers for free.

*Write the rough draft of Library: Book Two

I met and exceeded this goal! The rough draft was finished in July and the book was released on Kindle in October.

*Name Library: Book One

Done. Library: Book One became The Library Complex. I struggled greatly with choosing a good title for this book and one that could set a pattern for the series. Originally I considered naming it ‘Cara’ and naming each book after another character in the series, but ultimately decided against this. It might be a good idea for a future series, but I think “The Library Complex” and “The Weapon of The Kara” are more exciting names for a Library Series book.

*Release something new for Shards of Book One every month or two

This is the only goal that I dropped. Shards of Book One got a few updates in early 2012, but once I decided that I would publish Book One it seemed like a strange project to continue. I liked the idea of having extra stories in the Library Series though and this is how the Reconstruction section of the Library Series books was created.

2012 was a great year for me. It’s nice to be able to look back on what I accomplished, however I feel like these goals weren’t very ambitious. I had no idea that I would be able to finish the second book in the Library Series, write the rough draft for the third, and start a new series so my goals were all accomplished far before the year even ended. For 2013, I’ll have a lot more goals to accomplish and I look forward to the challenge.