Writing Update: End of 2012 Edition

Reading through the blogs of my favorite authors is really fun. I especially enjoy being able to look at their feelings during the writing process of works that I am very familiar with and see how, despite their own uncertainties, they were able to produce an amazing work. This is similar to my own experiences, but I’m not sure if my works even compare to theirs just yet…

Anyways, 2012 is almost over and it has been a very exciting year for me. On December 30th, I will post a blog comparing my goals for 2012 with what I achieved and reflect upon them. On December 31st, I will outline my goals for 2013 and starting January 1st I will be working extremely hard in order to meet them. My goals for next year are very ambitious and my writing schedule is already packed so much that I’m thinking about the early months of 2014 already.

Another post that I’m considering doing is a financial report of 2012 that includes how many free copies were given away, how many sales in various currencies, etc. but that might be a little bit demotivating for myself when I calculate the final numbers 😀

I’ve begun experimenting a bit with promotion using Google AdWords (if you’re reading this because you clicked on such a link, hello!) and I know that whether that works out or not I’ll have to improve my marketing. I also want to be able to commission beautiful covers for my books but I’m not sure if I have the money to invest in that so I’m doing my best to work on covers that I can make myself.

Now, to update everyone on the progress of The Library Series…

Book Three is 70% edited and details about the release will come very soon with pricing information and the cover to be released later. This blog focuses mainly on my thoughts as well as information on the series, but if you want all the updates on my progress be sure to check out my Twitter or the Google+ page where I usually post the covers, tentative book descriptions, and other information.

The Library Series itself is nearly completed in my mind. Book Three’s plot is almost solidified in my mind and Book Four will be the last. Even though only half of the series is currently available to readers, I really am writing its end at the moment. Ah, recently I went back to read the first book and… I apologize for some of the awkward phrasing used in the very first section. Despite many editing passes, they must have looked okay to me at the time and I suppose it shows my growth as a writer that I can recognize these flaws now. I don’t want to change the work too much, but if I ever release a Library Series: Complete Collection, or something similar, I may change a few words.