Writing Update: Final Exam Schedule Edition

Here it is: the final two weeks of my first semester at University. A good portion of my time from this point forward will be spent on reviewing for my final exams, but I also have an obligation to work on my books and a desire to have fun by playing WoW and reading some visual novels. So, how will I be balancing all of this?

This is my first time experiencing final exams in this manner, but from what I’ve learned in the past I think I’ll be able to do well by understanding what I need to work on. I’ve taken a look at when all my exams are and I’ve set study goals for each day that allow me to finish review for each exam in a time-appropriate manner. Something that I understand well is that I don’t work well with rigid schedules so these goals are just that: goals. Saying ‘study from 8 AM-10 AM’ isn’t something that will help me, but knowing exactly what I need to study that day will and so that is what I’ve done. For each day, I know exactly the type of progress needed to do well on my exams.

And, it turns out that I have a good amount of time to myself after meeting these goals which means I have time to write and time to relax. While writing is a high priority for me and I’m integrating that with my study schedule. Playing games and reading novels is a lower priority for me during these two weeks and so I’m doing my best to delay doing such things until after I’ve finished my studying for the day, but I think it’s alright to take an hour break amidst the studying to do something else. I’m far from overworked though so if I’m not able to find time for pure fun during any given day I’ll be fine.

In theory, all of this is good but the difficult thing is putting it into practice. I’m 90% charge of my schedule for these next two weeks so it’s up to me to plan and follow through with everything. In order to succeed, you need to make the conscious decision to do what it is that you want to do. Goal-setting is important, but if you don’t choose to follow your goals then you will fail. This is a very simple idea, but when given complete freedom people tend to embrace the ‘idea’ and not the ‘action’.

I very much want to act according to my plans for these next two weeks and I hope that before Orin Chronicles Volume 2 is released I can make a post announcing my success.