Writing Update: Compelling Stories Edition

Warning: Contains spoilers for the first two books in the Library Series.

While I spend a great deal of time thinking about the last two books in the Library Series, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about compelling stories. To start, I think that a compelling story is one where something that couldn’t or shouldn’t happen… happens. At the end of The Library Complex, Program Blue was planning on entering the Flame and becoming a god and that was the event everyone was trying to stop. Of course the protagonists needed to save the day, but what if Program Blue did succeed? That was a compelling story and so it is one that I told.

Now, that specific moment was told in a Reconstruction of a potential world, but it served the purpose of being interesting, giving hints to the future of the series, and showing just why Program Blue had to be stopped. For all of these reasons, it was a compelling story to pursue and one of my favorite moments in all of The Library Complex because it is a key moment that begins to pay off the story that had been building up to that point.

In The Weapon of The Kara, there’s a great evil (seen in the aforementioned moment) that is going to be released. This is an evil that will literally destroy the world and, in case you don’t believe me, it really will destroy the world if it is not stopped. A force like that cannot possibly be unleashed into the world because it would spell doom for all of the characters… but it is unleashed. It’s too compelling to resist writing and it is an exciting moment that I had planned so it was both satisfying for myself and for the reader.

Of course, these two moments are very compelling for the plot and with Book Three it is my goal to have compelling moments defined by the characters as well. These characters have been on multiple incredible journeys through the first two books and with everything that has happened it is time for some of those stories to reach key moments. This is a good hint about the evolution of the Library Series as it enters the latter half so I won’t say anything more, but I can promise you this:

The epic journey of the Library Series has been designed to be satisfying for both myself and the reader from its very beginning and I intend for the series to finish this way as well.

So here’s to Book Three, coming early 2013. I hope you’ll join me as the adventure of this world and its characters enters its third stage.