Writing Update: Tons of Updates Edition

Currently, I am beginning the writing for The Orin Chronicles Volume 2 while working on the editing for Library Series: Book Three. Originally, I had planned to start working on Orin Chronicles Volume 2 a bit later, but because of various developments I think that it’s best to work on The Orin Chronicles for now. The Library Series already has two books and I want to be careful with how I bring the story to its conclusion so it is likely there will be a bit of a delay in the release of the third book. I know all of the key moments and I’m very happy with how they’ve been written, but there’s a lot more content that I want to improve before release and I think it will be worth the wait (which should be no more than an extra month).

However, for The Orin Chronicles the story has just begun! There are so many things that I want to explore and it is very easy to write installments for this series. Each adventure is more independent of the others than with the Library Series so I’m able to craft something new while slowly building up the mythology. My main goal for The Orin Chronicles is to release “an adventure worth reading” every month whereas my goal with the Library Series is to tell “an epic adventure”.

In addition to writing, I’m still reading my list of visual novels but progress is slow because I have a lot of things to work on. I recently started reading more of Rewrite and I’ll try to get back to my re-reads of Forest and Fate/stay night soon so that I can publish reviews of them. Of course before I can do that I have to prepare for final exams. I’ve scheduled time for studying for those and writing so the exams themselves shouldn’t cause any delays.

So, to summarize: *Orin Chronicles Volume 2 is coming December 15th with more information to be revealed as we get closer to that date.

*Library Series: Book Three will receive a formal announcement in January 2013 with a release date not too long after that.

As we approach the end of what has been an incredible year for me, I thank you for any support that you have offered. Please look forward to my last release of the year (Orin Chronicles Volume 2) as well as all of the fun things coming in 2013 including the end of the Library Series, a major milestone in my journey as an author.