Writing Update: A Monthly Series Edition

The Orin Chronicles is advertised as a monthly series, but how long will it last? The current plan is for there to be 13 installments meaning it will start November 15th of this year and end in November of 2013. While that’s the current plan, it’s possible that there will be more ‘series’ in the future. So now, the natural question is why have I chosen 13 installments?

The first reason is that I think it’s a good number based upon 13 episode series TV shows that I’ve seen. For The Orin Chronicles this means 13 distinct adventures and I think that’s certainly enough for characters to develop and for a larger story to be established. The second reason is that I want to write many, many different things. The Library Series will conclude next year and there will be the second volume of The Academy Series. That will most likely happen while I’m writing The Orin Chronicles, so my schedule will be really packed until The Orin Chronicles first 13 installments are completed.

After that, I’d like to be able to write something new. When I think about my goals for this year, written back in December 2011, I could not have imagined I would be where I am now. I also could not have imagined all the amazing ideas that I would have. By the time 2013 is over I’m sure I’ll have gained plenty of new ideas for things that I want to write. I already have an idea of what I might want to do in 2014 and, whatever I end up doing, it will be something new.

I really enjoy The Orin Chronicles but I don’t know what shape it will take yet. Volume 1 is written, but by the time Volume 13 is written, who knows where the series will want to go? If there are more than 13 then there will be more than 13, but for now I’m not planning anything specific.