Writing Update: Book Two Submitted!

After many hours of checking for minor mistakes (hopefully I caught them all), the second book in the Library Series, The Weapon of The Kara, has been submitted. While it will likely be available tomorrow, before the official release date, it will still be free for the duration of October 5th.

I expressed some of my thoughts on completing this book in the Author’s Note, but being able to publicly write about them on my blog is a completely different experience. I’ve put a lot of effort into the series thus far and Book Three is going to take a significant amount of work. I hope to gain new readers with the release of Book Two and I hope everyone can enjoy the experience. Even if everything that I’ve done isn’t seen as a great work of art, all I want is for a few people to have genuinely enjoyed themselves. That’s all the motivation I need to keep writing… actually, I’ll probably keep writing even if that doesn’t happen.

I’ve had a lot of fun with the Library Series so far and even though I am happy to continue it, I’m also a little bit sad that I’m now one book closer to the end. With each book, the ending becomes clearer in my mind and the journey of the characters progresses towards that end and their individual ends. Please look forward to the next book in 2013.