Writing Update: Editing Book Two Edition

I’m incredibly excited to now be in the editing phase for the second book in the Library Series. Publishing the first book has only inspired me to create the best works that I can and Book Two should represent that. Currently 1/3 of the book is finished which means that it is on target for its October 5th release.

As I work to create the final version of the book, there will be an update on the Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus Google+ page every Friday with something new about the book. All of that content will make it to this site eventually, but it will be posted there first. On the Library Series page  you can now see release information for Book Two as well as a description. Not much is revealed in the description (as I believe this leads to a better reading experience) but you might be able to learn a few things from it. In the coming weeks there will be some exciting new content and announcements regarding The Weapon of The Kara so please look forward to them.

Now, I would like to talk about some of the things I am thinking about during this editing phase.

For the second book in the Library Series, I want something that can be easily understood at its surface level as was the case with the first book, The Library Complex. In The Weapon of The Kara I don’t want readers to be confused so I have included many references and explanations to events in Book One so that the reader can see why certain characters think in a certain way or why they are theorizing about certain things. The mythology of the Library Series is explored in a very accessible way, but for those who truly understand Book One there are certain answers that can be reached in Book Two.

The journey of the characters is also something that I am putting a lot of focus on. If something wasn’t explained in The Library Complex than the actions of certain characters might seem wrong, so I am putting a lot of effort into avoiding that. If a character does something new then there is an immediate explanation for it. Otherwise, it might require some work on the readers part to figure out the character’s motivation. Essentially, I want fans of the series to understand how everything works so that I can explore more difficult elements.

Right now if I asked “what is the Library Series about?” only a vague answer can be given. However, if I asked “what type of a person is Diana?” then I would get a better explanation. This is what I am aiming for: an accessible, easy to understand basis that allows the characters to explore the unknown.

I feel like I’ve already stated a lot of this, but I’m going to hit the ‘Publish’ button anyways. It can never hurt to have my philosophy for the Library Series repeated multiple times, can it?