Writing Update: To The Finish Line!

Editing for The Weapon of The Kara (Library Series: Book Two) has just hit 100% and it feels great to now be in the Final Check phase. Completing this milestone, revealing the cover on the Google+ Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus page as well as contacting some friends has me feeling very excited about this release and the future of the Library Series. 2012 isn’t over yet, but I’ve already accomplished a lot more than I set out to do!

I remember back in June when the idea of releasing The Library Complex was still just an idea. I had announced it, but if I didn’t release it not many people would be disappointed. Now that book has been released and its sequel is already on its way to release. Even if it doesn’t have many fans, I am very excited for the growth of this series. By the time that it concludes I hope that many people will have enjoyed the journey.

Remember that on October 5th the book will be available for FREE for 24 hours. And if you still don’t have The Library Complex you can always get it for $2.99 or start reading with the free preview on the Library Series page. While I do want the Library Series to sell, getting the book during free promotions also means a lot to me so please give it a try~

Writing Update: Balance Edition

There are now 19 days until the release of The Weapon of The Kara (Library Series: Book Two). Editing is progressing at a nice pace and I should have a good 10 days for the Final Check phase where I look for grammar and spelling mistakes without altering story content. And then on October 5th, the book will be released and available for FREE for 24 hours thanks to KDP Select.

Now, I’d like to talk a bit about scheduling. As a student studying at a University as well as an author, finding time to do everything has become a bit of a concern to me. The amount of work for my studies is something very manageable but it does take up a lot of time and energy. I have enough time to work on my books as well, but that leaves me with not much time to do anything else. In fact, right now my only social interactions are with the people that I am studying with ^_^

Over this week I’m going to try to optimize my schedule for both studying, writing, and free time. While this means that I won’t be able to reach level 85 before Mists of Pandaria launches, I will be able to achieve my goals as both an academic and an author which is very exciting. Please wish me luck and I look forward to sharing The Weapon of The Kara with everyone on October 5th!

Writing Update: Editing Book Two Edition

I’m incredibly excited to now be in the editing phase for the second book in the Library Series. Publishing the first book has only inspired me to create the best works that I can and Book Two should represent that. Currently 1/3 of the book is finished which means that it is on target for its October 5th release.

As I work to create the final version of the book, there will be an update on the Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus Google+ page every Friday with something new about the book. All of that content will make it to this site eventually, but it will be posted there first. On the Library Series page  you can now see release information for Book Two as well as a description. Not much is revealed in the description (as I believe this leads to a better reading experience) but you might be able to learn a few things from it. In the coming weeks there will be some exciting new content and announcements regarding The Weapon of The Kara so please look forward to them.

Now, I would like to talk about some of the things I am thinking about during this editing phase.

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