Writing Update: Rain Edition

There has been an unnecessary amount of rain this week.

I’d like to blame my lack of productivity on the rain, but that’s not really a good excuse. I’ve been working on all of my projects, but I think I got in no more than 3 hours of writing/editing this week. While the second book in the Library Series is in the QA phase, I’ve been working on material for the series as a whole. I need to plan for later books and make sure that everything fits together nicely and all of the major questions get answered. The length of the series as a whole probably won’t exceed 200,000 words so this isn’t all that difficult but it must be done in order to ensure a great experience for the reader.

After the announcement on August 31st, I will be able to give the second book another editing pass and begin preparations for release. I’ve already got a version of the cover that I really like so I am excited about releasing the second book as soon as I possibly can.