Writing Update: Library Series Book Two QA Edition

The second book in the Library Series is now in the QA (Quality Assurance) stage. I’d like to take some time to talk about this process and how it has changed from Book One to Book Two. For the very first book, The Library Complex, I was looking for “any and all feedback.” As my first work, as well as the first in a series, that was exactly what I needed. I had an idea of what kind of a style I was going for with the Library Series, but the second book had yet to be written so “The Library Series” didn’t really exist.

Now that I’ve written the second book, I know what I want a Library Series book to be like and so that is what this QA phase is focused on. Does Book Two feel like a book in the Library Series? How effective is the narrative based upon Book One? Is this enough of its own book and not just an extension of the first book? Naturally, I hope the answers to these questions are favorable. However, if the QA tells me otherwise, then I’ll continue to work on the book until my goals are met.

Book Two must be its own book, expand upon the elements presented in Book One, and overall feel like a book in the Library Series. If these things have already been accomplished, then I will be very happy. If not, then I will continue to work until I have a satisfying version of the second book. Either way, the official announcement is coming Friday, August 31st.