Writing Update: Working on Book Two

I recently posted on my Twitter that I finished the writing for the Author’s Note of Library Series: Book Two. It’s safe to say that I am very far in the writing of Book Two. While the official announcement for Book Two, including the title and release information, won’t be until August 31st, I’d like to talk about the experience of writing a sequel.

While the final version won’t exist for a while, the story of Book Two has been completed and writing this story was a very different experience from writing Book One, The Library Complex. When writing Book Two I focused not only on creating a new adventure, but also on relating it to the adventure in the first book. In addition to this, I have also been expanding upon the mysteries presented in Book One. While the first book did both of these things on a smaller scale with its four sections, the entirety of Book Two contains these things. As topics are presented, I need to ensure that the reader understands what is being presented and whether or not it has been discussed before. Naturally there are new elements in Book Two so I want readers to know when something has been discussed previously.

Because of this, I thought about summarizing the events of Book One before beginning Book Two. However, discussing things as they were brought up seemed much more natural and helped to move the story of Book Two forward. Also, summarizing Book One would take away from the experience of reading that book. Each book in the Library Series is its own adventure, so I want people to be able to enjoy each adventure for what it is.

Surprisingly, balancing new content and Book One content wasn’t all that difficult. Everything has fit together nicely and formed a cohesive narrative. Well, that’s really up to the readers to decide but I am happy with where Book Two is and I look forward to releasing the final version before 2012 ends.