First Two Weeks: Sales for The Library Complex

Today marks the final day in the first two weeks of the launch of The Library Complex (Library Series: Book One). Now, I technically haven’t sold any books, but through KDP Select I have distributed over 150 free copies (not including myself and friends). The fact that my book is now available for people to read and discover is something that makes me very happy.

So, what will be my focus for the future? While I continue to work on the second book in the series, I am also going to be working on marketing the book. The major issue with selling this book is discoverability. Regardless of its quality, it will not be read if it cannot be discovered. One of the things that it needs in order to be discovered is good reviews. I’m very confident in the book’s ability to score reviews of 3 stars or higher, so the issue is mainly with getting people to review the book. While I work on that, I have a new personal goal of reviewing every product that I buy. I didn’t realize how important they were until I had zero.

While there are more things that can be done, through social networks and other such things, my main focus is on getting reviews. People, including myself, won’t buy things that have 0 reviews. You want to know that at least someone had a good experience with it. I think that when I have another free promotion a few months from now, I’ll have much better results with some customer feedback visible on the product page.