Writing Update: The Library Complex Final Check Edition

Here I am, two days before the release of The Library Complex. Even though it’s written, been edited, formatted, and I’m a good way through the final check I don’t think I really understand that I am about to release this book. I’ve had a lot of fun working on it, learning about how to write a book and a series, and I’m excited for the future as well.

During the final check there haven’t been many errors so I am confident in this release. Now that I’ve read through it so many times I’ve begun looking at it critically and I have some ideas of things that I can improve upon, mainly the length. I don’t know how many more words Book Two will contain, but it should be around 50,000 (not counting Reconstructions and Character Tips).

I hope everyone enjoys the release. Once everything is uploaded to Kindle and NOOK I’ll post a more detailed reflection on Book One’s journey from November 2010 to this point.