Tsukihime Review

Note: While this review does not contain 18+ content, Tsukihime itself does. 

Tsukihime was the first visual novel released by the doujin group Type-Moon in 2000. While Type-Moon the doujin group has become Notes Co., Ltd. and is working on a remake of Tsukihime, the original game is a great experience. While some people have difficulty with the graphics of doujin works, the game is very consistent with its style and I believe this adds to the experience. The backgrounds are photos tinted to a specific shade of blue for day scenes and only change color during afternoon/night. While some people may see this as a fault as well, the consistency is something that adds to the game’s style.

The story itself revolves around Tohno Shiki and the strange killings going on his town. Depending upon the heroine that the player chooses to pursue, the supernatural events that occur will differ. There are five routes, one for each heroine, with each heroine having two endings (except for one). The routes themselves are about 8 hours long and are not particularly difficult to clear (except for a few bad ends caused by a series of seemingly correct choices).

Due to the length of each route and the amount of time spent on daily life, as opposed to more action-oriented scenes, I suggest enjoying the game at your own pace. The plot advances at a good pace for the first route, but when you have to play the game four more times to achieve completion it can be tedious if you do not take breaks and enjoy the pacing. It’s probably best to treat each route as a book and realize that the game therefore contains five books and is something that requires a great deal of time.

While I think that the game could be a bit shorter by condensing some material, it really isn’t necessary. Tsukihime is very consistent in its presentation (well, except for a few questionable moments) and is something that can definitely be enjoyed if you respect its style.

Score: Good

*Scoring: Flawless > Great > Good > Okay > Bad