Writing Update: Working on Book Two

I recently posted on my Twitter that I finished the writing for the Author’s Note of Library Series: Book Two. It’s safe to say that I am very far in the writing of Book Two. While the official announcement for Book Two, including the title and release information, won’t be until August 31st, I’d like to talk about the experience of writing a sequel.

While the final version won’t exist for a while, the story of Book Two has been completed and writing this story was a very different experience from writing Book One, The Library Complex. When writing Book Two I focused not only on creating a new adventure, but also on relating it to the adventure in the first book. In addition to this, I have also been expanding upon the mysteries presented in Book One. While the first book did both of these things on a smaller scale with its four sections, the entirety of Book Two contains these things. As topics are presented, I need to ensure that the reader understands what is being presented and whether or not it has been discussed before. Naturally there are new elements in Book Two so I want readers to know when something has been discussed previously.

Because of this, I thought about summarizing the events of Book One before beginning Book Two. However, discussing things as they were brought up seemed much more natural and helped to move the story of Book Two forward. Also, summarizing Book One would take away from the experience of reading that book. Each book in the Library Series is its own adventure, so I want people to be able to enjoy each adventure for what it is.

Surprisingly, balancing new content and Book One content wasn’t all that difficult. Everything has fit together nicely and formed a cohesive narrative. Well, that’s really up to the readers to decide but I am happy with where Book Two is and I look forward to releasing the final version before 2012 ends.

First Two Weeks: Sales for The Library Complex

Today marks the final day in the first two weeks of the launch of The Library Complex (Library Series: Book One). Now, I technically haven’t sold any books, but through KDP Select I have distributed over 150 free copies (not including myself and friends). The fact that my book is now available for people to read and discover is something that makes me very happy.

So, what will be my focus for the future? While I continue to work on the second book in the series, I am also going to be working on marketing the book. The major issue with selling this book is discoverability. Regardless of its quality, it will not be read if it cannot be discovered. One of the things that it needs in order to be discovered is good reviews. I’m very confident in the book’s ability to score reviews of 3 stars or higher, so the issue is mainly with getting people to review the book. While I work on that, I have a new personal goal of reviewing every product that I buy. I didn’t realize how important they were until I had zero.

While there are more things that can be done, through social networks and other such things, my main focus is on getting reviews. People, including myself, won’t buy things that have 0 reviews. You want to know that at least someone had a good experience with it. I think that when I have another free promotion a few months from now, I’ll have much better results with some customer feedback visible on the product page.

Kagetsu Tohya Review

Note: While this review does not contain 18+ content, Kagetsu Tohya itself does. 

Kagetsu Tohya was released in 2001 by Type-Moon and is a fandisc for Tsukihime. The game contains a full story as well as a collection of ten stories that unlock as you progress through the main story. As a fandisc, it is something that is best enjoyed if you have experienced the original work.

The visual style of the game is similar to that of Tsukihime with the main difference being an improvement in shading for Event CG as well as many new character portraits, some of which are only used in one scene. To progress through the game you must make a series of choices over a day that repeats over and over. Unlocking all the content and progressing through the story is very difficult without any guidance, so a help system exists in-game. The only flaw with the help system is that it only gets you through the main story; there are countless scenes that you must discover for yourself.

I’ll admit that I had to use a walkthrough to unlock everything. To achieve 100% completion without any outside help would be torturous (in my opinion). That being said, it is well worth it to unlock everything. Some of the scenes and stories aren’t all that interesting, but the main plot is very engaging and there’s a lot of fun to be had. I suggest pacing yourself, as with Tsukihime. Unlike Tsukihime, I can’t suggest that you try to unlock everything on your own so I recommend that you use a walkthrough if you want to experience everything. If you’re okay with getting 50-60% of the content then the in-game help will suffice.

There’s not much more to say as this is a work that Tsukihime fans will definitely enjoy. It requires more effort, but I think a lot of people will find that satisfying.

Score: Good

*Scoring: Flawless > Great > Good > Okay > Bad

Get The Library Complex for Free Today and Tomorrow! + Writing Update

Beginning today and lasting until the end of Saturday (PST) is another free promotion for The Library Complex. You can get the book for free by visiting the product page. If you get a copy through this promotion please consider leaving a review to help others discover the book. This will be the last free promotion for a while, so don’t miss out on this chance!

Now, let’s discuss the next book in the series. Book Two of the Library Series will be announced on August 31st. The writing of the book is going well and I am very happy with the progression of the story and all of the content contained within. I can’t provide much information right now so make sure to check back in the weeks to come and on August 31st for more information.

Get The Library Complex for Free Until Midnight (PST)

One of the major advantages of KDP Select is the ability to schedule free promotions. You can now get The Library Complex for free by visiting the product page. If you decide to get The Library Complex for free, I ask that you leave an honest review of the work in exchange. Trust between author and reader is important so having customer feedback is necessary and very much appreciated.

Writing Update: KDP Select Edition

While I work on the writing for Book Two of the Library Series, I have decided to enroll the first book, The Library Complex, in KDP Select. While I’ve announced the book’s release through this blog, Twitter, etc. I have a limited capacity to promote my very first e-book. While this means that The Library Complex will not be available on NOOK for a while, I believe it is better to reach an audience on one platform rather than to have low sales on two platforms.

Regardless of Book One’s sales, I will be publishing Book Two and the rest of the series, but if I’m going to put all that effort into those works then I would like for many people to enjoy them as well. I hope that this is something that can be understood, and I aspire to having a greater marketing ability in the future so that I can offer my book on multiple platforms.

The Library Complex Has Been Released!

Visit the Library Series page for the links to the Kindle and NOOK editions as well as a preview of the book’s first section

It is now complete! I can finally say that now concerning the first book, but now all my efforts must go to Book Two. I should probably celebrate or something, but what better way is there to celebrate than to work on the future of the series? The process from conception to release is fun at all stages, so I’d like to describe those stages now as they apply to The Library Complex.

Conception: Anything can happen in this stage. After all, you haven’t written anything yet. There’s just an idea and that idea leads to many more and there’s a lot of planning and excitement, but most of those plans go nowhere. I have at least three different concepts for the Library Complex (the building within the story, not the first book) that have been completely discarded. They were fun at the time, but they would have led to completely different series or perhaps standalone books.

Initial Writing: The fun concepts and idea begin to take shape as the book is written. For The Library Complex, you might be able to say that the creation of the First Section decided almost everything. Everything else in the book became inevitable after I wrote this section. While the very last part was added a few days later, that was the final piece that launched the book’s writing forward.

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Writing Update: The Library Complex Final Check Edition

Here I am, two days before the release of The Library Complex. Even though it’s written, been edited, formatted, and I’m a good way through the final check I don’t think I really understand that I am about to release this book. I’ve had a lot of fun working on it, learning about how to write a book and a series, and I’m excited for the future as well.

During the final check there haven’t been many errors so I am confident in this release. Now that I’ve read through it so many times I’ve begun looking at it critically and I have some ideas of things that I can improve upon, mainly the length. I don’t know how many more words Book Two will contain, but it should be around 50,000 (not counting Reconstructions and Character Tips).

I hope everyone enjoys the release. Once everything is uploaded to Kindle and NOOK I’ll post a more detailed reflection on Book One’s journey from November 2010 to this point.

Writing Update: July 2012 W1 Edition

1 week left! The entirety of The Library Complex is currently 2/3 formatted and is scheduled to be completed by Monday, giving me a few days to check for any remaining spelling or grammar issues. I’ve fixed a good number of them while I’ve been formatting, but it’s possible that new errors have appeared while formatting so it is important to check for those.

This release is something that I’ve been excited about for a while and very excited about these last two months. I first finished The Library Complex back in December 2011 and that version has been improved upon a few times to get to the final version being released next Friday. The goal of the first editing pass was to improve the readability of the story. This version was released for QA and was what I collected feedback on. I’m very happy with this version, but I’ve been making small improvements as I format and record the final version of the story. It’s sometimes difficult to stop yourself from improving a work, but I’m at the point where I’m very satisfied with making minor improvements and I am very confident in this upcoming release.

I hope everyone enjoys The Library Complex as well as future books in The Library Series. An announcement about Book Two might just appear in the not-so-distant future.