Writing Update: June 2012 W4 Edition

2 weeks remain before the launch of The Library Complex on Kindle and NOOK! All of the QA feedback will be in soon and I’ll make all necessary changes while I finish formatting the book. The writing is nearly final and so I’ve already begun formatting. Right now I’m approaching 20% completion of the book itself. The cover, series logo, and everything else has also been finalized.

On Monday, the preview version of The Library Complex will be added to the Library Series page along with the series logo. I made the logo myself so it’s not a professional work, but I think it works well enough. I think it also adds to the cover, which I designed as well, and I am also happy with that.

With everything coming together with The Library Complex, I have had time to finish reading Tsukihime. I’ll be publishing a review of that next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. At first I had some reservations about including reviews on this blog due to the fact that it is supposed to be my production blog. However, aren’t the materials that I read relevant to my own work? I believe so and, because these reviews won’t be all that frequent, they do not warrant their own blog.

So to summarize: The final information about the Library Series (characters, preview, logo) is being revealed in these last 7 days. Ella Foster will be added to the Library Series page tomorrow, the preview gets added on Monday, and the last two characters are revealed next Friday. In addition to that, a review of Tsukihime will be published mid-week next week.

And then the final week of post-production which should feature some additional blog posts.