Writing Update: Tone and Focus Edition

As The Library Series will have more than one book, I think that it is important to address the ideas of tone and focus. For The Library Series, I am writing with a certain story in mind and that will be the focus of the series as a whole. For each book in The Library Series, I will be writing a story that begins and ends. The focus and tone in each book will vary, and even the tone itself will vary a lot throughout the book. Some of this may be for intentional juxtaposition, but a lot of the time it will be to add variety to the book.

That variety is something to be enjoyed rather than a device to gain different types of readers. While I have designed the book to be designed by different types of readers, I imagine all of the readers that will like the series are of a certain kind. Now is where it gets difficult to describe what I mean as’ type’ and ‘kind’ are two words that mean the same thing. For the purpose of this post, a ‘kind’ of reader is exactly what you would imagine: a reader who enjoys certain stories. Now, each of those readers is a different ‘type’ in how they actually go about reading and experiencing the book. What I am trying to say is that the books of The Library Series are designed to be enjoyable to all the different types of readers of a specific kind.

My hope is that if you’re the type of person who would like the story of The Library Series, and the individual stories of each book, you will be able to enjoy the book for what it is. In addition to this, the expectation should not be that each book will differ only in plot, but that they will differ as books. Of course they will still retain the elements of a series, but they will be different.

This is something that is a bit difficult to describe, so I hope I have done it well. If not, the easiest way to say it is that in order to enjoy the Library Series you must take each book for what it is.