Writing Update: June 2012 W4 Edition

2 weeks remain before the launch of The Library Complex on Kindle and NOOK! All of the QA feedback will be in soon and I’ll make all necessary changes while I finish formatting the book. The writing is nearly final and so I’ve already begun formatting. Right now I’m approaching 20% completion of the book itself. The cover, series logo, and everything else has also been finalized.

On Monday, the preview version of The Library Complex will be added to the Library Series page along with the series logo. I made the logo myself so it’s not a professional work, but I think it works well enough. I think it also adds to the cover, which I designed as well, and I am also happy with that.

With everything coming together with The Library Complex, I have had time to finish reading Tsukihime. I’ll be publishing a review of that next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. At first I had some reservations about including reviews on this blog due to the fact that it is supposed to be my production blog. However, aren’t the materials that I read relevant to my own work? I believe so and, because these reviews won’t be all that frequent, they do not warrant their own blog.

So to summarize: The final information about the Library Series (characters, preview, logo) is being revealed in these last 7 days. Ella Foster will be added to the Library Series page tomorrow, the preview gets added on Monday, and the last two characters are revealed next Friday. In addition to that, a review of Tsukihime will be published mid-week next week.

And then the final week of post-production which should feature some additional blog posts.

Visual Novel Progress

In addition to writing, I am very passionate about Visual Novels (VNs). I have added a new section on the sidebar that allows you to see what VNs I am reading, plan to read, plan to purchase, etc. Please note that the translations of the titles are done in a way that best reflects how they are referred to by the translation team/English community. Also, visual novels that have an uncertain translation status will not be added to the list.

I may consider doing reviews after finishing each one, but I imagine they will be spoiler free and very brief so it may not be worth doing. Below you will find a list of VNs that I’ve completed before today. This list will be updated retroactively.

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Writing Update: Tone and Focus Edition

As The Library Series will have more than one book, I think that it is important to address the ideas of tone and focus. For The Library Series, I am writing with a certain story in mind and that will be the focus of the series as a whole. For each book in The Library Series, I will be writing a story that begins and ends. The focus and tone in each book will vary, and even the tone itself will vary a lot throughout the book. Some of this may be for intentional juxtaposition, but a lot of the time it will be to add variety to the book.

That variety is something to be enjoyed rather than a device to gain different types of readers. While I have designed the book to be designed by different types of readers, I imagine all of the readers that will like the series are of a certain kind. Now is where it gets difficult to describe what I mean as’ type’ and ‘kind’ are two words that mean the same thing. For the purpose of this post, a ‘kind’ of reader is exactly what you would imagine: a reader who enjoys certain stories. Now, each of those readers is a different ‘type’ in how they actually go about reading and experiencing the book. What I am trying to say is that the books of The Library Series are designed to be enjoyable to all the different types of readers of a specific kind.

My hope is that if you’re the type of person who would like the story of The Library Series, and the individual stories of each book, you will be able to enjoy the book for what it is. In addition to this, the expectation should not be that each book will differ only in plot, but that they will differ as books. Of course they will still retain the elements of a series, but they will be different.

This is something that is a bit difficult to describe, so I hope I have done it well. If not, the easiest way to say it is that in order to enjoy the Library Series you must take each book for what it is.

Writing Update: Various Updates Edition

While I’ve enjoyed writing weekly writing updates for a few months now, I must now retire these updates. While there is a lot going on as The Library Complex is being prepared for release next month, most of that must be kept a secret and so I cannot update this blog every week. Now that two weeks have passed since my last entry, I have enough information to share that is worthy of a Writing Update post.

The Library Complex is now at a point where the writing has been 99% finalized. While there may be edits to correct errors and slight changes in wording, nothing major is changing at this stage. QA feedback will be used for these changes as well as for the design of future books in the Library Series. While QA is going on, I’ve been working on the writing of Book Two and making decisions about plot, character, structure, etc. The experience with writing Book Two has been different from Book One in that I am not spending as much time creating a world, and more time writing the story itself. While there are still new elements, I already have a foundation in Book One and the series is headed in  a certain direction.

In addition to this, I have also been troubling myself over the cover art for Book One. Originally I was going to do my best to create an image of a library, but I simply don’t have the skills to make a good-looking image. I have a new idea, which is simpler, but I think will be more effective as Book One’s cover. Perhaps one day in the future I’ll have professional cover art, but right now I’m focusing on what I can do and I think it will turn out well.

When The Library Complex launches on Kindle and Nook (yes, it will also be available on Nook) there will be a free preview of the First Section of The Library Complex. I should be able to finish that preview before the release day, so it is likely that it will appear in PDF form on this blog before the book goes live. If all goes well, that will be available during the final week of June and if not, the first week of July.

And with all of that said, I will conclude this Writing Update and update the Library Series to reflect the new information revealed within.