Writing Update: May 2012 W4 Edition

The Library Complex (Library Series: Book One) has been officially announced on the Library Series page!

The book is now in the QA (Quality Assurance) phase where it will be read by other people. I am very excited to receive their feedback and adjust the book where it is necessary. Ideally, everything has been presented perfectly and I won’t have to adjust anything, but that might be a bit too optimistic. Once QA has progressed to a certain point, I will offer a free preview of Book One on the Libary Series page. I am hoping to have the preview ready some time during the month of June.

The title of ‘The Library Complex’ was something that I gave a lot of thought to. It made me question a lot of the book, but ultimately I realized that it cannot be anymore accurate than that. This book tells the story of The Library Complex. While the stories of the characters begin in this book, it is a series and therefore their journey is far from over. The one journey that is definitely completed by the end of the book is the one that makes the title appropriate.