Writing Update: May 2012 W3 Edition

Editing is now 100% complete! About 1500 words have been added to the story of Book One. After having completed a full read-through of Book One, I am very excited to continue working on this project and I look forward to its release this summer. There now remains only 7 days until the official announcement on May 25th.

It seems that I am always doubtful of the quality of my works until I read from beginning to end. I suppose that is because when thinking about the work, I also have many ideas about the future and memories of things I once considered writing. Reading the actual product that everyone else will read is very fun and definitely gives me a boost in confidence. This probably doesn’t sound much different from last week’s post, so I wonder if this can be considered a Writing Update.

Well, to elaborate a bit more, I am now returning to the conceptual stage. I added a tiny bit of new content to Book One during the editing and I am now thinking about ways to further improve the reading experience. The main story from December 2011 has not been altered in terms of plot and that was never my intention. My main concern is enhancing the current experience and not changing it. There’s only one person who has read the previous version of Book One, but I am sure when they read this release they will agree that the story is the same.