Writing Update: May 2012 W1 Edition

The editing of Library: Book One is going well. Although I wasn’t able to edit as much as I wanted to this week, it seems I’m already 1/3 of the way through.

There are a lot of mysterious elements in the book and in the first version I included hints to help the reader through the story. These hints were fun to look at when reading the story for a second time and I am having fun reading them.

However, there’s something that I want to include besides hints. I’m working on increasing the amount of speculation done by characters in order to clarify what I am trying to say as an author and what the narrative itself is hinting at. I think these portions of the book will really help the reader to enjoy the story. If you are a reader who is very active and tries to look at all the hints, then that part is being improved and will be even more fun. If you are a reader who wants to read the story without going back to look at certain things, then these sections will help you to understand the story as you move forward. Most of the answers are reached by the book’s conclusion so I think both ways of reading this story are satisfying.

This is similar to my goal for The Academy Series, but the Library Series is a little more specific in its goals and its identity. The Academy Series is very open and loosely structured and the Library Series is more structured do to the fact that it is telling a very specific story as opposed to the many stories of The Academy.