Writing Update: April 2012 W3 Edition

A new Academy character has been revealed on the Academy Series page!

I cannot believe that it is the third week of April. It isn’t until I go back and read my first entry in April that I realize how far I have come this month. The Academy is now at ~90% completion. Tomorrow is the last day for me to change anything and then, after another full read-through, I will fix only errors. The writing, structuring, editing and such is completely done and all that remains is the final check.

I have checked this work more than any other and, because I am a bit sick, I have seen it from an objective viewpoint without much emotional attachment. It saddens me a little that I won’t be able to appreciate my work fully until a few weeks have passed, but I had so much fun in the writing and editing phase that I am proud to release this work next week. It seems all my colleagues are also ill, so I hope everyone can recover soon. Hopefully in time for the release of The Academy 😉

Now that I’m quickly approaching the final check for The Academy, and the editing and quality check phases are done, I’ve been thinking intensely about my next project. That is the commercial e-book release of Library: Book One. There is a huge mix of anxiety, excitement, happiness, fear, and anticipation that occurs whenever I think about it and it’s going to be something very interesting for me. I’ve read a lot about self-publishing on various e-book platforms so I hope this gives me an advantage and allows for a timely release.