Writing Update: March 2012 W4 Edition

The Academy: First Volume announcement has just been added to the Academy Series page!

The editing and structural work went especially well this week. Editing is now at 38% completion and only 2 stories remain that require initial editing. Work on the finale to the First Volume will commence soon. Character work has also been going well and has given me many ideas for the future of this series. I have stored these thoughts away for now as I work on the First Volume which I am incredibly excited for.

Publishing the official announcement felt fantastic and I look forward to providing additional character information over the weeks leading up to the First Volume’s release. Of course those descriptions can hardly be called revealing. I will be very pleased if by the time the First Volume is released and read, those character bios are looked back upon as having revealed nothing at all. Well, except for a basic idea of what the series will be about.

Enjoy the beginning of Spring everyone~!