Writing Update: March 2012 W2 Edition

The editing for the first release of Academy is now at 12%! I’ve done quite a bit of work this week and I’m very happy with Volume 1 so far. The editing of the first few stories went very well which has given me time to think about the structure of the first volume. “is this a good order for the stories?” and “how much information is required to make this story interesting?” are examples of questions that I cam currently asking myself. I want Academy to be enjoyed in many ways and I want the experience of reading it to be a good one for as many people as possible. Out of the people that can enjoy Academy, I want to write in such a way that the majority of those people will enjoy it.

Next week will be the release of an update to Shards of Book One. This update will be released on Pi Day (Wednesday, March 14th) and will contain 2 new stories for fans of the Library universe.